Production and supply of cabin and rear room of Pride and van by Ehsan Box

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Production and supply of cabin and rear room of Pride and van by Ehsan Box

 The cabin and rear room of Pride and Van are very suitable and practical for people who make many trips to different cities and during these trips, move various goods. These cabins fully protect your goods from sunlight, extreme heat or cold, moisture from rain and snow, wind and any other natural phenomena. Also, with the help of the cabins installed on the back of the car, it is possible to move various products safely and without fear of thieves. In addition to these things, the beauty and attractive appearance that it gives to your car is one of the other advantages of the van cabin and room that is offered at Ehsan Box.

Also, these cabins are offered in two modes with and without windows. Cabin and back room of Pride and van is one of the products produced by Ehsan Box Company, which gives car and van owners and those who have the job of moving different goods from one place to another ease and safety to reach the destination. These cabins are designed and produced by domestic designers and engineers, and by purchasing this product, in addition to producing and supporting Iranian products, you will benefit from a quality product with warranty and after-sales service. All cabins and rooms produced in Ehsan Box have international standards and are produced at the highest possible level. Therefore, we assure you that by purchasing this product, you will benefit from the best and highest quality type in the Iranian market.

Features of cabin and rear room of Pride and Van

The product of cabin and rear room of Pride and van, which is produced and supplied in Ehsan Box collection, has unique and wonderful features. Easy and quick installation of the cabin and rear room of Pride and van is the first and most important feature of this product, which allows buyers to install the cabin on their car without worry and quickly. The low weight and lightness of the cabin and the rear room of the Pride and the van also helps maintain better balance and helps you a lot in loading; Because there is no extra load on your car. Maintaining balance is also very important and fundamental in the cabin, and the importance of this issue becomes clearer during turns. Also, the cabin and rear room of the Pride and van produced in Ehsan Box has a lighting system installed inside the cabin. The outer surface of these cabins is also resistant to different weather conditions and rain, snow, strong light and any other phenomenon cannot cause these cabins to wear out. The service life of the cabin and rear room of the Pride and van in Ehsan Box is very high and you can buy it and use it in different jobs with the confidence that this product will work for you for years. You can find the cabin and rear room of Pride and van in different colors and models and for different cars at Ehsan Box and buy it online and in person.

Warranty and after-sales service of fiberglass box

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Ehsan Box is a manufacturer and supplier of various cabins and back rooms of Pride and vans in various designs, colors and sizes with the best quality and the best materials. Ehsan Box products all have after-sales service and warranty for several years, and in case of damage to the paint or body of these cabins, the company undertakes the task of repairing and renovating these cabins. You can visit Ehsan Box sales office or call 09123396200 to find out about all types of cabins and rear rooms of Pride and vans.

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