Getting to know the fiberglass box and its benefits

Getting to know egg boxes and their benefits
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Production and supply of cabin and rear room of Pride and van by Ehsan Box
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Getting to know the fiberglass box and its benefits

If you are the owner of a restaurant or fast food store, it must have happened to you that your food arrived late to the customers and this caused their dissatisfaction. Or for you, as a motor courier manager, it is important to ensure the security of the products that reach their destination by your couriers. Fiberglass box is one of the products produced by Ehsan Box Company, which allows the managers of restaurants and fast food stores to deliver food to customers at home easily and by maintaining heat. In addition, the managers of motor courier companies can use these fiberglass boxes to deliver various goods to their destination with utmost security and peace of mind. These fiberglass boxes are designed and produced by domestic experts, and this leads to better use and after-sales service and warranty.

Fiberglass box size and dimensions

Many motorcycle couriers are dissatisfied with the weight and dimensions of the boxes on the back of their motorcycles. Fiberglass boxes produced by Ehsan Box Company are available in different sizes and it gives the opportunity to motorcycle couriers to have a good and suitable box with excellent quality. You can find out about the different dimensions and sizes of this product by visiting the Ehsan Box sales office or by calling 09123396200.

The importance of using egg boxes for restaurant owners

Fiberglass is a material made from glass wool and polymer materials and has many positive features. One of the most important features of the fiberglass box is its light weight and impact resistance. Also, in case of impact or scratches on these fiberglass, it can be completely repaired and used again. Resistance to heat and sunlight is also other features of this product, which is very important for motor couriers who are responsible for delivering goods to their destination in hot and cold seasons. Also, if you want to advertise your brand on these fiberglass, you can do it easily. Because the material of these fiberglass is in such a way that the label of the brands is easily stuck on it and does not come off.

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Warranty and after-sales service of fiberglass box

By purchasing any product of Ehsan Box, you will benefit from a one-year product warranty and three years of after-sales service. Also, the installation, testing and delivery of these products are completely free and you do not pay for them. The fiberglass boxes produced in Ehsan Box are very light and have good resistance to impact and heat. Therefore, we assure you that the product you buy from us will work for you without any problems for years. You can order all kinds of fiberglass boxes in different colors online and from the Ehsan Box website in a completely secure manner.

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