Lightbox is a modern way of advertising with low cost

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Lightbox is a modern way of advertising with low cost

In today’s world, there are many ways to advertise. Nowadays, the main factor of customer attraction is undoubtedly advertising. If the advertising you do for your brand is creative and according to certain principles, it will make customers follow you, but creative advertising has entered the market for a short time to attract customers, and business owners can use various methods of advertising and Marketing, attract more customers and earn more profit. In today’s era, advertising has taken on a new color and the advertisements of various brands, including restaurants and fast food stores, have gone out of the old and somewhat traditional state, many people do not care about television advertisements and advertisements which are in the newspaper and on the city wall does not satisfy them. Hence, various modern advertising methods have become popular among people, which help business owners to try newer ways.

The best type of advertisement is an advertisement that has a high impact on the mind of the audience and a high feedback among the observers while it has a low cost. Light box is one of the types of motorcycle box that has a light screen on it that can display advertisements of different brands. The light box that is installed on the motorcycle is a moving, modern and beautiful advertising sign and can be seen everywhere and at any time, even at night. In addition to being used as a product holder, these light boxes are also used as a free advertising tool, and its multi-purpose has made this product one of the most popular motorcycle boxes. The light boxes offered in the Ehsan Box collection are designed and produced by local designers and engineers, and by purchasing this product, in addition to the production and support of an Iranian product, you get a quality product with a guarantee and after-sales service. You will benefit from sales. Ehsan Box’s high-quality and strong light boxes are available in different colors and models for various motorcycles on Ehsan Box’s website, and you can get information about this product by visiting this site.

Production and supply of high-quality light boxes by Ehsan Box

One of the most important and popular products produced by Ehsan Box Company is light boxes that are installed on motorcycles. The most important advantage that these types of boxes have compared to simple boxes is the light screen installed on them, which allows brand owners to advertise on it and during the day, especially at night, from the shine of the brand advertisement. Surprise yourself. These boxes with lights are produced in 50 x 50 size and supplied to customers.

One of the most important features of Ehsan Box light boxes is their strength. Also, the low weight and strike resistance of these light boxes are other great features of this product. The light boxes of Ehsan Box company are usually made of fiberglass, and for this reason, they are very resistant to sunlight, moisture and strike. The presence of an illuminated screen on this product is also a unique feature.

Warranty and after-sales service of light boxes

Ehsan Box Collection is a producer and supplier of all kinds of domestically produced light boxes with illuminated panels in different designs and colors. All Ehsan Box products, including light boxes, all have after-sales service and a several-year warranty, and in case of damage to the body or lighted panels of these boxes, Ehsan Box company will repair these products completely. You can find out about all types of motorcycle light boxes by visiting the sales office of Ehsan Box or by calling 09123396200.

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