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The importance of boxes in motor transport

In today’s world, fast and safe transportation is one of the important points in the city. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is a motorcycle courier. It is necessary for every motorcycle courier box to have the following items:

 Lightness and resistant

Has a valve lock

Easy installation on the motorcycle

have advertising space on the box

Suitable thermal insulation

It has a suitable and spacious space

Repairable and reusable

It has different colors

for every restaurant and kitchen that has food delivery, delivering as soon as possible is one of the most important. Part of that collection is the production of motorcycle courier boxes  in all types of fiberglass, polymer, Light box, heater box (thermo box), double-walled box for carrying. Ben Marie, the capacity of each box is as much as the space inside it, and that is precisely why some motor couriers refuse to accept larger packages. The size of the motor pick box is normally the size of a cube with dimensions of 50 cm. Of course, there are boxes that exceed the dimensions of 50 cm and have dimensions between 50 and 60 cm.

It is natural that even in a box with a length, width and height of 60 cm, you cannot fit, for example, a printer box, and that is the reason why a motor courier does not bear such a responsibility. In such cases, you should not think that the courier is giving you a high price; He is more aware of the box size of his motorcycle and knows exactly what box fits in that box. If your package does not fit in the motorcycle courier box, he has to take a lot of risk and take responsibility for the security of your package in transit. Usually, few people are willing to create a mental preoccupation for a simple package transfer, and for this reason, it is better to use a taxi to transport larger packages.

In the production of Ehsan Box, there are motor pickup boxes with the cheapest and lowest price, which is not cost-effective for customers to repair or buy a second-hand box.

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