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Opening of Ehsan Box branch in Iraq

Know a little about Ehsan Box

Ehsan Box is one of the reliable and old centers for the production of motorcycle courier boxes, which started its activities in 2006. This center has cooperated directly with dozens of restaurants, fast food and companies and is currently one of the largest producers of this product in the country. The expansion of the work and service of the production of motorized courier boxes by Ehsan Box led to the opening of the Ehsan Box branch in Erbil, Iraq. The boxes that are produced and supplied by Ehsan Box, all have a good level of quality and have features such as: high strength and light weight, anti-moisture and rain, beautiful body, heat insulation so that the food inside It stays warm well, easy to install, etc.

Opening of a new Ehsan Box branch in Iraq

We are proud to inform our respected and dear customers of Ehsan Box, in order to provide better and more services to this company and also according to the goals that Ehsan Box Group has in obtaining customer satisfaction, it has opened its new branch in the country of Iraq – the city of Erbil. This branch is ready to serve and sell products to all dear buyers and clients by having experts and experienced profession. The opening of the Ehsan Box branch in Iraq – Erbil shows the good quality of work in the Ehsan Box collection. Market development and access to customers in neighboring countries is one of the things that Ehsan Box Group pays attention to, and this attention has led to the opening of Ehsan Box branch in Erbil, Iraq.

The importance of the box in the motor courier

Delivering hot food to customers is one of the characteristics of reputable restaurants. For this purpose, motor couriers who deliver this food to customers should have good facilities. One of these facilities is the boxes that are installed behind the motorcycle and the food is placed in it. The better the quality of these boxes, the more they can maintain the heat and freshness of the food. For this reason, the presence of a good and suitable box with a beautiful appearance and light weight is one of the obligatory and necessary things that motor couriers should pay attention to.

The purpose of opening a new Ehsan Box branch in Erbil, Iraq

Today, all over the city we see motorcycles with boxes on them to move food or a product. These boxes help motorcyclists to deliver small and large products to their destination at maximum speed. Many manufacturing companies and enterprises use these motorcycles and boxes to move their products. Specialized and quality boxes can help restaurants, fast foods, digital stores and supermarkets a lot. Ehsan Box Manufacturing Company is the largest production center of these types of boxes. After developing the market and expanding services in Iran, this company tried to establish a branch in Iraq, and after many efforts, this branch was established in the city of Erbil, Iraq.

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From now on, Iraqi citizens and business owners can use the advice of this center by visiting the Ehsan Box branch located in Erbil city and, if needed, benefit from the high-quality products of Ehsan Box in Iraq. It should be mentioned that the purpose of establishing a new branch of Ehsan Box in Iraq and Erbil city is to increase new capacities for the production of different boxes. Also, this branch has been established to facilitate the provision of better and more services to the people and dear customers in Iraq. As the services should be provided to the people in the best way, the environment of the branch should also be in the best way and in the dignity of Ehsan Box customers. We hope that the respected clients and customers of Ehsan Box in Iraq will be able to access the products and goods they need more easily with the start of this branch.

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